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About Me

What is your real name?
Stephan (IPA: /stɪpɦɑn/.)
How old are you?
Where are you from?
The south-western part of South Africa.
Why the name PolarizedIons?
Well, I wanted a unique name for myself online, and one day in chemisty class I saw something like that in a book. I decided there and then that PolarizedIons will be me.
What languages do you know?
Afrikaans, English, with a few programming languages thown in as well.
Favourite game?
Probably either Minecraft, Skyrim, or Portal 2. Oblivion, Celeste and the Half Life series are cool too though!
Favourite type of music?
Hard question! I go through phases where I listen to the same artist a lot, and sometimes nothing at all.
What did you make this website with?
Plain html and css, hosted on Cloudflare.
What is your job/occupation?
I'm currently a fulltime, fullstack software developer at a company in South Africa.
What is a random fact about you?